I can no longer go on my trip, can I get a refund for my booking?

You can find the cancellation policy for your package in your booking confirmation email or your Itinerary.


If your Lodging is able to be canceled free of charge, please contact us so we can assist you with the cancellation and refund process.

If your Lodging reservation is non-refundable, please notify us so we can inform the hotel. Unfortunately, hotels cannot make an exemption to their non-refundable policy regardless of your situation, and therefore we will be unable to give you a refund.

Non-Lodging (Lift Tickets, Equipment Rentals and Transfers):

All Lift Tickets, Equipment Rental, and Transfer products are final, and strictly cannot be canceled or refunded, even with a fee. Credit will not be given for any unused purchases and cannot be used towards any future purchases. While we know this is rigid, this restriction is what allows us to package the products at low prices.

Please notify us of any cancellations that you would like to make. 

Travel Insurance

Fortunately, if you have purchased travel insurance by AIG at the time of booking with SnowPak, you may be entitled to insurance reimbursements. You will have received an insurance confirmation email from Travel Guard within days after your booking was confirmed. Through this email you will find all the information needed to file a claim. If you have booked insurance through a third-party vendor, please contact your travel insurance provider directly and submit a claim via the appropriate channel.